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Game 31 Open Thread: May 6, 2006

mulder willis
2-1, 4.43 1-2, 4.38

as goes albert . . . . . . .

i'm on the road for a funeral on my wife's side, so little time to post anything this morning. consider this more or less a sat'day open thread, with a few conversation starters. we'll start with a couple of early won-loss splits:

  • against teams that currently have winning records, the cardinals are 9-10; against ev'yone else they're 9-2. the cards can turn that around after the series vs florida; they play 9 in a row against winning teams, all at home.
  • when they allow 4 runs or more, the cardinals are 3-9, a .250 winning percentage. last year they were 35-58 in those games (.376); in 2004 they were 40-46 (.465). (note that the cards have allowed 4 or more in just 40 percent of their games so far this year.)

next item: a status report on mark mulder, this evening's starter, from will carroll at baseball prospectus:
When you hear reports that Mark Mulder had gone back to St. Louis for an exam, that's not good. This isn't as bad as if it had been Albert Pujols doing it, but it's still not good. Mulder got a quick check-up on his muscular problem and was cleared to return. Knowing that it's not a structural problem is a plus, yet leaves Dave Duncan to do the hard part. Does Mulder miss a start to try and heal up, maybe even head to the DL to make sure, or does he go out and pitch through it, hoping that the training staff has a good enough handle on him to not let it get back into the pain/spasm cycle?
i think/hope j-rod's gonna be hitting 2d for a while; even la russa seems sold on the idea. that'll do `er folks; happy ky derby, see y'tomorrow.