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Game 53 Open Thread: May 31, 2006

let's start with the really discouraging news: it is not looking particularly good for edmonds. he had his MRI; the results are hush-hush, but here's a hint: jimmy will now be seen by a doc who specializes in sports hernias.

which often require surgery.

compared to that, last night's come-from-ahead loss to houston barely depresses. let's work backwards: why hancock in the 7th with the tying run on base and one out? to re-set it: cards leading 3-1, burke at 3d, ausmus at 1st, adam everett and the pitcher due up -- but both likely to be pinch-hit for. tony's options:

  1. izzy: too early
  2. wainwright: pitched yesterday; unavailable.
  3. looper: having his usual problems this year vs left-handers (they're hitting .333 / .387 / .556 off him); with lane and palmeiro available on astros' bench, can't use him.
  4. thompson: not pitching well -- pounded for 13 hits and 8 runs in his last 6 innings.
  5. hancock: unscored upon for the month of may -- 9.2 shutout innings, 8 hits 2 walks 8 strikeouts for the month, with a .195 opp batting avg for the season. gets left-handed hitters out -- they're 5 for 34 (.147) against him this year.
  6. flores: gotta save him for berkman.
  7. johnson: ah, no.
i'd say tony made the logical choice; unfortunately, hancock pitched like crap, as has been his unfortunate habit in tight situations. he came out of spring training as a primary setup guy but was dumped from the role after a bad outing at wrigley on the season's first weekend; it was more than a month before he got called into a close game again. he didn't pitch well in a "hold" situation 10 days back vs kansas city (in reyes' other start), prob'y would have blown the lead if not for a great relay to the plate by eckstein.

excuse anthony reyes if he's not all that impressed with big-league relief pitching.

he had terrific command again, same as he displayed vs the royals -- threw all his pitches for strikes, changed speeds, had the astros swinging late on the fastball and early on the breaking pitches. he consistently hit the low 90s on the gun, was still topping 90 mph in the 7th inning, 85 pitches into the game. his undoing: a hanging breaking ball (looked like a slider . . . sorta) on the 0-2 delivery to chris burke with one out and nobody on in the 7th. a terrible pitch. reyes had retired 17 of 19 up to that point, and blew burke away each of his previous two trips to the plate. the hanging slider induced a visit from duncan, who no doubt wanted to know what was up with that pitch selection; five consecutive fastballs ensued, the last of which ausmus lashed to left field for a single, ending anthony's night.

kid did his job; i dunno what more he needs to show. in his 1st 25 big-league innings he has a 2.49 era, an 0.92 whip, and a 3:1 k/w ratio; opposing batters are hitting .200 against him. wasn't perfect yesterday, but didn't make many mistakes; looks like a big-leaguer to me.

hmmm . . . . 6 big-league-ready starting pitchers on the one hand; a weak, and now injury-depleted, outfield on t'other . . . . .

where was i? oh yeah, the clemens situation: newsday jumped the gun with its report yesterday of a done deal, but it still looks like he will pitch for houston this season.

here's a look at some batted-ball data vis-vis ev'yone's favorite baseball player.

baseball analysts' bryan smith thinks mizzou will pull off a shocker and win its regional in the ncaa baseball tournament.

the cardinals are 16-11 this month with one game left.

suppan buchholz
5-4, 5.12 3-4, 5.57