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Game 52 Open Thread: May 30, 2006

reyes pettitte
1-0, 0.00 3-6, 5.76

newsflash: the rocket is reportedly returning to the astros. this is an unconfirmed report; if it turns out to be untrue, don't blame me.

anyway, at least we have marquis . . . .

speaking of whom -- if you haven't had enough of the great marquis debate, here are some more opinions:

anthony reyes does another fill-in turn tonight, this time against a real major-league team. expected to be another one-and-done stay for reyes; carpenter is expected to be off the dl by next week, in time to pitch vs the reds. too bad the missed start comes vs the astros: he has a 2.08 career era vs them. but at least he'll be back in time to catch the reds, vs whom he is even better (1.96 career).

add'l injury news: doctors subject edmonds to a battery of tests in hopes of diagnosing mystery ailment . . . .

cardnilly has handed out his first-quarter grades for the cardinal hitters. three As in the starting lineup (albert, scotty, and eck) but also three Ds (edmonds, encarnacion, molina). i couldn't argue with any of his marks . . . .