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Game 49 Open Thread: May 27, 2006

ponson park
3-0, 2.81 2-2, 4.53

according to cardnilly's padres preview, the san diegans already had long history of success against suppan -- and that's when he was pitching on a healthy tummy. insofar as he took a case of gastroenteritis to the mound with him last night, i admire the hell out of him for lasting 6 innings, never mind how many runs he allowed. half the team's got this crud, and they're playing a day game after a night game; i dunno that i'd wager a lot on st louis winning this series.

for a padre-centric perspective on the series, head on over to fellow SB Nationeer Gaslamp Ball.

cards' minor-league pitchers had another interesting night: the resurgent blake hawksworth flung 7 strong innings for high-a palm beach last night but was denied his 5th win when the bullpen collapsed (i bet he's in double a before the all-star break); the other class-a starter last night, fireballer mark mccormick, struck out half the men he faced (10 of 21) but still took the loss for quad cities. and at double a, former 1st-rounder chris lambert's uneven season lurched forward again as he picked up his 4th win.

as long as we're talking minor leagues, you can still get in on the mock draft at the Minor League Ball site. the cardinal drafting contingent has been tossing around names of potential draftees here; hop right in if you have a cousin, brother, neighbor, or whatever who can throw it 95 mph . . . .