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Game 46 Open Thread: May 23, 2006

marquis morris
5-4, 5.08 3-4, 5.43

here's a little note, apropos of not much: reliever andy cavazos made his triple a debut last night. this career minor-leaguer very quietly had an excellent 2005 -- 14 walks, 67 ks in 60.2 innings split between high a and double a ball. then he dominated double a hitters this spring, allowing just 6 hits in 20 innings pitched. he is 25 years old and in his 8th year of professional baseball, so it's not as if stardom awaits him. but he was once well-regarded enough to merit a 5th-round draft pick (the rangers chose him), and you never know if he might fall into that category of hurler -- randy flores, al reyes, kiko calero, jason simontaachi -- who bounce around and keep struggling and finally, at the end of their labors, have a year or three of success on the st louis pitching staff.

then again, he may just be another triple-a bum who you'll never hear of again. cavazos threw two perfect innings last night, and brian falkenborg got the save.

Update [2006-5-23 18:36:56 by lboros]: you knew it was only a matter of time until the cardinals got themselves implicated in the dontrelle willis trade rumor. from the palm beach post:

Scouts for the New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals attended Sunday's game at Tropicana Field when Willis allowed three runs in a complete-game loss to the Devil Rays. The Arizona Republic reported Monday that the Diamondbacks have had discussions with the Marlins about acquiring Willis to form a solid 1-2 punch with Brandon Webb.

The Marlins have said they are not trying to trade Willis (1-5, 5.12 ERA).

fox's ken rosenthal has been insisting for sev'l weeks now that willis is going to be traded before july 31. . . . .