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Game 45 Open Thread: May 22, 2006

mulder wright
5-1, 3.69 4-3, 4.23

a bit of perspective on bonds and the babe from baseball prospectus, in a rare free article:

The assumption here seems to be that home runs were the only reason why Ruth became famous, and hitting the same number of home runs as he did entitles one to the same kind of appreciation. That expectation leaves out roughly 98% of the Babe Ruth story. . . . Ruth's power wasn't just in his bat, it was in his personality as well. That vital combination captured the cameras and the microphones and the printing presses at the exact moment that a national hero became technologically possible.
bonds' career numbers vs cardinal pitchers:
  • he's 7 for 14 lifetime against mark mulder, with 3 hr; it could happen tonight.
  • 4 for 6 lifetime with 2 hr against tomorrow night's starter, jason marquis.
  • 2 for 6 with 1 hr against wednesday's starter, chris carpenter.
  • he's 1 for 12 lifetime against izzy; the hit was a homer.
  • rick ankiel faced bonds three times and struck him out every time.