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Game 27 Open Thread: May 2, 2006

ponson williams
3-0, 3.13 1-2, 9.53

i missed the whole game last night; doesn't look like i missed much. best thing about the game: another installment of the bellyitcher/red hot mama smack series. special guest star: redbirdbrain.

anthony reyes update: he's pitching tonight (scroll to the last paragraph), on 9 days' rest. nothing at all unusual about that . . . . derrick goold popped in to the cards talk forum after last night's game to report this:

Just as my colleagues did, I asked around about the word that Anthony Reyes was going to be "shut down" this week. GM Walt Jocketty said that was not correct. Reyes was given some time off to work on his mechanics and had a start pushed back, not skipped. Jocketty said Reyes was scheduled to pitch Monday.

Today is Monday.

Tankersley started for Memphis in a victory against the New Orleans (nee Denver) Zephyrs (nee Bears).

Food for thought.

lord knows what is going on with this guy. he has a strikeout-walk ratio of 20-2 and a whip of 1.03; he has yielded 3 homers in 25 innings pitched, which is not great but not terrible. it's not as if he is getting hit hard. in his last start (which i had termed "uneventful" -- hah) he got nicked for three early runs but then made adjustments and shut em down, retired 12 of his last 13 batters. he ended up throwing seven full innings; pitch count was 94. reyes only struck out 3 and gave up a lotta flyball outs (11, vs 7 groundouts); i also noted that he only induced 4 swinging strikes, far fewer than normal. read whatever you want to into that.

we're not getting the whole story here . . . .

hardball times has a little bit of reyes info up today in its glance at minor-league pitchers:

For what it's worth, he is inducing a lot of infield pop-ups. The average Pacific Coast League pitcher has about 22% of their flyballs fielded by infielders, but Reyes' infielders have fielded about 31% of his flyballs.

That doesn't mean he won't have trouble with home runs. Reyes has already allowed 11 extra base hits (including 3 HR) in just over 25 innings pitched.

as long as we're on this subject: dodger blogger jon weisman wrote a piece about groundball pitchers for sports illustrated dot com . . . .

fay vincent sighting: rich lederer scored an interview with the former commish. the transcript is up today at baseball analysts.

monday mailbags: goold live-blogged another edition of postcards yesterday, and matt leach answered our questions at . . .

sweet picture of the new stadium is up at pretty war stl.