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Game 36 Open Thread: May 12, 2006

mulder cruz
3-1, 4.44 1-0, 2.05

i took a second to look up juan cruz -- how come i don't know more about this guy? he tore through the minors and debuted with the cubs at age 20 back in 2001; went 3-1 / 3.22 for them in 8 starts the year with impressive peripheral stats. spent the entire 2002 season with the cubs but took a step back, mainly due to wildness; that problem has persisted ever since, though it went into remission in 2004 when cruz pitched out of the braves' bullpen and posted a 2.75 era. last year he pitched for oakland; he has appeared in 165 major league games, but for whatever reason i have no recollection of ever having heard of him. this season he's walked 12 guys in 22 innings, a high total; plate discipline is in order. . . . .

on the subject of walks, mark mulder issued only 2 of'm in his first 28 innings this year but has walked 10 guys in his last 18.2 ip . . .

see cardnilly for a dbacks series preview, and my SB Nation brother site AZ Snakepit for the perspective of our loathsome enemies.