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Game 4 Open Thread: April 7, 2006

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suppan maddux
16-10, 3.57 13-15, 4.24

cardnilly's doing his invaluable series previews again this year; cub preview is up and full o facts. jacque jones is a good bet to collect his first base hit of 2006 today; he's a career .342 hitter vs jeff suppan. and john mabry is a career 6 for 9 vs supps; mabes homered the other day off lefty kent mercker. the cubs in their first two games pounded the ball (22 runs) and pitched really poorly (16 walks in 17 innings). they have new bleachers but the same old injury woes and management problems . . . .

other cardblog updates, very quickly: danup has completed the coming attractions matrix, a comprehensive depth chart of the entire stl organization. fantastic resource. he also has a roundup (more complete than mine) of yesterday's minor-league openers, while birdland looks at some spring-training performances down on the farm. . . . diaspora has an ode to the italian beef sandwich . . . . . pip at fungoes has an alternate interpretation of how tony used the left side of the bullpen yesterday -- he's still got rincon as the "money" LOOGY. i'd rather have my money on flores. . . . . while we're on the subject, studes at hardball times examines which bullpens pitched best in 2005 in the tight situations.

at least one reader at bleed cubbie blue's already in midseason self-loathing form:

Just think, in less than 60 hours the Cubs will likely be 4 1/2 games behind the Cardinals and in last place in the NL Central. . . . It's pathetic that two games into the season the Cubs desperately need a good start today out of a guy who will be 40 years old in a week. How long into the game do you think it will be before we hear the first boos of the season? . . . . I'll predict it will be when Jacque Jones strikes out in his first at bat with the Cardinals leading 2-0 in the bottom of the second.
enjoy the game.