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Game 2 Open Thread: April 6, 2006

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mulder myers
16-8, 3.64 13-8, 3.72

mulder debuts tonight; so too does the guy he was traded for, danny haren, who pitches v the yankees. haren is writing a blog this season; his first post went up yesterday. (thanks matt leach for that link; enjoy the cheesesteak, dude.)

the blogosphere brims over with commentary and photos from last night's opener at the new stadium. VEB readers itsalemmon and STLedge were in the house and wrote up good diaries on the subject; john vb took his camera and has a boatload of images online. also see words and pictures at cardinals diaspora, bellyitcher, fungoes, and deadspin.

finally, here are a few pixs, about a week old, courtesy VEB long-timer rockin' redbird -- interiors of the anhueser-busch suite, and the views therefrom.