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Game 20 Open Thread: April 25, 2006

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suppan santos
0-2, 9.00 1-3, 5.85

juan encarnacion isn't the only bad outfielder who's hearing boos from the hometown folks. jacque jones is also getting an earful -- and he doesn't have pujols to stick up for him. so he stuck up for himself, via the chicago tribune, after hitting a game-winning 3-run homer last night:
"I'm angry right now [about the booing], you know what I mean? It's almost funny. It's almost funny. . . . But it's not going to make me play any better. It's not going to make me play any worse. I'm just going to go play the game the way I know how. . . . .

"I'm just getting used to it. Where I came from, they were passionate about baseball. We probably didn't draw as many [in Minnesota], but they were there through thick and thin. [The booing] is something I've got to get used to. I'm blocking it out as much as I can. . . .

"My teammates are going to stick with me through thick and thin. As long as I know I'm going out and doing the best I can do, playing as hard as I can play, I can look myself in the mirror."

jones' batting average is only 6 points higher than juancion's, but after homering in the last two games jones is now slugging in the .440s, about 200 points higher than juan e. . . .