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Game 19 Open Thread: April 24, 2006

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carpenter perez
2-1, 1.67 1-2, 6.75

Update [2006-4-24 18:58:58 by lboros]: edmonds bats #2 tonight for the first time this season; full lineups are in the comments thread.

the reds DFA'd tony womack. i don't endorse acquiring him, let's be clear about that; but if you were the type of organization that thought timo perez still had something left, then wouldn't you leap at the chance to get womack? . . . .

one commenter at red hot mama thinks womack will make his way back to st louis:

I predict Womack ends up on the Cardinals again. . . . . He may come back to haunt us with the Cardinals. Not that I am terribly afraid of him, but he is better than Aaron Miles, that is for sure.
thanks for sharing your opinion, mrs womack.

danup listens in as tony and walt weigh the relative merits of timo vs john gall . . . at cardinals diaspora, athooks runs the stl roster through the price-at-the-pump test; a gallon of pujols'll set you back pert' near $10. ah, but the mileage . . . . reverend redbird has been running an excellent new feature -- daily Win Probability charts. . . . . . today's installment of derrick goold's weekly q+a feature, PostCards, ranges from spivey to bigbie to jrod to luna and beyond . . . .

drop on by the bucs dugout for a pirate fan's take on chris carpenter.