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Game 16 Open Thread: April 21, 2006

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mulder williams
1-0, 4.05 0-1, 2.45

my apologies for the less-than-amiable tone that has run through some of today's discussion threads. most of you seem to have tuned it out pretty well; sorry for the racket. who'da thunk an injury to the cubs' best player would have cardinal fans lashing out at each other? that stuff isn't pleasant to read; it's not why anybody comes to this site.

but it will drive people away if it becomes a regular feature of our discussions.

a lot of intelligent people post here, and opinions are bound to diverge. that's essential -- it's the best thing about the site. viewpoints will clash, and verbal sparring will take place; fine. all permitted and encouraged, within the bounds of common decency.

but dogma will not be tolerated. that's what offended me this morning -- opinions rooted not in evidence or logic, but rather in what i can only call prejudice. i just don't find that kind of stuff funny, even when we're only talking about something as insignificant as baseball -- and even when we're only slurring our hated rivals. i'll also confess to having a low tolerance for the whole name-calling trope vis-a-vis cub fans; it's just boring. i'd rather talk about the cubs' bullpen or minor-league prospects or hitting coach, or even their broadcasters or owners or their ballpark hot dogs.

i don't want to have a lot of rules on this site; i want people to speak as freely as possible. but dogma, prejudice, bigotry, whatever you want to call it -- that makes me grouchy. it's not welcome. so let's please try to stay free of it, to keep our exchanges respectful and our opinions well-grounded in reason. and let's save our venom for the really terrible people in the world.

yankee fans.

(it's a joooooke . . . . )

now, a little actual baseball content:

two hurlers on baseball america's list of top 20 pitchers in the 2006 draft attend college in the state of missouri: mizzou's max scherzer and missouri state's brent sinkbeil. (thanks to baseball analysts for that link.)

another strong game for brad voyles last night: 6 inn, 1 earned, as memphis eked out a 3-2 win. through three starts (18 innings) he's 1-0 with a 1.50 era. bryan falkenborg got last night's win; let an inherited runner score and blew the save, but also recorded all five of his outs on strikeouts. he'll be on the st louis staff before long.

at double a, another strong outing for mike parisi -- 6.2 inn, 1 earned, six strikeouts. he has whiffed 23 on the season, against just 4 walks. nick stanihova went deep in that game, his 2d of the year. mark worrell got the win in relief and is making a nice transition to the high minors: 1-0, 3 saves, 1.50 era, 7:1 k-w ratio