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derrek lee: busted wrist, out 2 months

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i genuinely like the cubs; great ballpark, great tradition, and yes great fans. so their run of bad luck doesn't give me any joy. the latest piece of bad news: derrek lee broke his wrist wednesday night and will be out of the lineup for 2 to 3 months.

a real shame; the cubs-cards rivalry will be diminished by his absence, as will the playoff races. the injury will probably cost the cubs several games in the standings that they can't afford to give up; even the prospect of kerry wood's return next month can't compensate.

though it makes the cardinals' road to the playoffs substantially easier, i can't take any pleasure in this news. better our team should test itself against the best, and let the chips fall. i don't think the cardinals needed something like this to beat the cubs --- but if they did need it, and won on that basis, how cheap the achievement.

add'l thoughts in this diary.