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Game 13 Open Thread: April 17, 2006

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the astros champ'ship DVD is gone -- hallelujah! why not celebrate by visiting the VEB store and buying t-shirt? . . . . and thanks to all of you who have already made a purchase. i need to know how the shirts wear and what kinda comments (if any) you get on 'em -- good, bad, indiff'nt. send feedback to

you?re aware by now that edmonds will miss the entire pittsburgh series. here?s a bit more insight from will carroll at baseball prospectus:

At 36, Jim Edmonds is seemingly in a shallow decline. The injuries that plagued him earlier in his career, mostly things of the past by the time he first arrived in St Louis, are starting to come back. The most serious problem he?s had during his Cardinals tenure is the recent shoulder injury. Edmonds took a cortisone shot on Saturday, hoping to quiet the severe inflammation inside the shoulder. Edmonds did run into a wall on Friday, but the shoulder is noted to have been problematic as far back as spring training. While the shot might quiet the symptoms, Barry Weinberg and the medical staff will need to work hard to find the cause, or else spend the rest of 2006 fighting to keep Edmonds functional.

that don't sound so good . . . . mr carroll may be a cubs fan, but he's a very credible source. i'll see if i can get him to elaborate for us.

it took me two weeks, but i finally got the Perfect World Box launched on the left-hand sidebar. you'll note that the cards already have stolen a game -- last wednesday vs the brewers, an 8-3 win in the real world but a 3-2 loss in the perfect world. that's right -- despite the 5-run margin, that was a pretty lucky victory. the cards mustered only 10 baserunners -- 6 singles, 3 walks, and a double -- which projects to an output of just 2 runs. but the cards bunched the hits together and got a two-base outfield error thrown into the midst of a rally, maximizing their return on a rather thin principal. i'll be updating that box daily (mostly) henceforth.

david pinto muses on the great pujols . . . .

nl central ace pitcher watch I: ben sheets returned to action yesterday with a so-so outing: 5 ip, 6 h, 4 r, 0 w, 6 k. he needed 96 pitches to get through those 5 innings. but they say his velocity was good and he threw without hindrance; bodes well for him and the brewers.

nl central ace pitcher watch II: from the cubs' official site: "The Cubs will get a first-hand look at Kerry Wood, who is scheduled to meet the team in Los Angeles on Monday and throw a side session. Wood is rehabbing from arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder and threw a three-inning simulated game on Saturday in Mesa, Ariz. Mark Prior (shoulder) threw on the side Sunday. He has yet to get the go-ahead to face hitters."

despite a not-so-hot outing last night (6 ip, 6 h, 4 er, 1 w, 7 k, 2 hr), anthony reyes is making a pretty strong case for himself down in memphis. through 3 starts (18.1 innings) he has walked 1 guy and struck out 17; his groundout/flyout ratio is 23 to 14.

been wondering where hector luna fits into the fractured 2b picture? words thereupon at beat-writer blogs obviously you're not a golfer and birdland.

is it just me, or does paul maholm bear a slight resemblance to herman munster?

marquis maholm munster
2-0, 3.97 0-1, 7.71

never mind; it's prob'y just me.