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Game 12 Open Thread: April 16, 2006

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mulder arroyo
1-0, 3.00 2-0, 1.98

sunday odds and ends:

it finally happened -- after 9 straight losses to open the season, memphis won a game. my boy brad voyles got the win with 6 so-so innings; chris duncan homered (his 3d in two games), junior spivey doubled home a pair of runs, and the redbirds beat omaha 10-3.

springfield pitcher mike parisi has struck out 17 hitters in his first 10 innings this year, against just 3 walks; he has yielded 7 earned runs though, for a 6.30 era. might be worth keeping an eye on this player, a 9th-round draftee in 2004 who moved rapidly up to the high-a classification and pitched well there last summer -- 3:1 strikeout-walk ratio, low hr rate, 3.23 era. john sickels rates this guy a c+ prospect and lists him at #18 in the cardinal system. according to his page at baseball cube, when parisi was 13 years old he threw 119 innings in the florida state league . . . .

Baseball Analysts host rich lederer has penned an essay about curt flood, inspired by the alex belth book

the post-dispatch on is'hausen's cutter and edmonds' shoulder . . .

was i the only one who didn't know that the reds have cheerleaders for their home games this year? swear to god; look:

rah rah rah.

some words about today's cincinnati starter, bronson arroyo. . . . .

. . . some words about aj burnett's debut for toronto yesterday -- 4 earned in 6 innings.

happy easter to those of you observing; ev'yone enjoy the game.