"Best Fans In Baseball"

Last night I was at Busch Stadium and some of the things I saw I did not enjoy.

Juan Encarnacion is having a rough start, but we're only 10 games into the season and I think it's absolute crap that he got assorted boos even during his first plate appearance.  Everytime he came to the plate or really did anything at all, he got booed, and by the end of the game, it was no longer assorted boos, it was loud massive boos.  At one point he was very close to the stands in foul territory and I could see people standing up and basically yelling in his face...that's shit, seriously, that is just apalling to come from "the best fans in baseball."  Give the guy a break, it's April.  So then when he makes an outstanding catch, only then do the boos turn to cheers.

In addition to that, there were a couple of plays that Edmonds wasn't able to make that received some boos.  The man is practically superhuman in the field, but he's had a rough couple of that means we get pissed off when he can't catch a ball that most center fielders wouldn't have even gotten close to?  

It felt like people were being very fairweather fan-ish last night.  The team is struggling a little and people were, in my opinion, a little too outspoken with their dissatisfaction.  This is team that has won 205 regular season games in the last two years and some fans are turning on them with a 5-5 mark after 10 games.  

We love this team and we're going to have to love them even if they don't blow the entire central division out of the water.