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Game 10 Open Thread: April 14, 2006

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carpenter harang
1-0, 3.27 1-1, 8.49

the honeymooners: matt morris finally pitched the giants' twice-rained-out home opener and notched his second win with 7 2/3 innings of 4-hit ball. my SB Nation colleague Grant at McCovey Chronicles has already gotten kind of swoony about mattymo:
He's a guy who knows how to pitch. And he doesn't get rattled. And he hits his spots. And he's a good example for all the young pitchers out there. Sayings like those have become almost meaningless, applied to every Tom, Dick, and Osvaldo out there, but I can believe the press clippings when Morris is pitching. And he's a gamer. And he knows when to trust his defense. And he....

It's not exactly time to melt down the Marichal statue for a Matt Morris replacement, especially considering he started last season even more spectacular before burning out, but the early returns on Morris make me optimistic about this season.

glad he's off to a good start in sf, hope things keep working out there -- but (jumping the gun by about 6 months) i'd really hate to have morris face the cardinals in the playoffs.

shoe fits: cardnilly likens the new stadium to a new pair of sneakers:

I'm generally excited about it. I just don't like the fact that it feels new. I'm not sure I'm going to be comfortable there until all the shiny newness wears off, and it turns into the stadium equivalent of a dingy grey. My major complaint about my experiences at B-3 so far is that it's still being treated as "Stadium-As-New-Experience" and not as "Stadium-As-Place-To-Watch-Baseball."

baa-aaa mooo cluck: danup has an update from the farm system. summary: nick stanihova and john gall keep hitting; cody haerther and colby rasmus start doing so.