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Game 9 Open Thread: April 13, 2006

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two hits for encarnacion, a scoreless frame for looper ---- what the heck is there to write about?

guess i could just commend jason marquis for a creditable job of damage control in the 4th inning last night. temporarily losing command of his fastball, jason fell behind 3 and 1 vs each of the 1st three hitters. the result: two singles and a three-run homer. then he ran the count full on the next batter, cory koskie. if it were last year, marquis would've tried to pitch too fine on 3-2 and lost the batter; instead he confidently threw an off-speed strike and induced a groundball to short. he threw three sinkers to rickie weeks and finally struck him out on a fastball inside; threw fastballs inside to prince fielder and struck him out on a sinker.

it was the kind of game that may have gotten away from marquis in the past; jason basically admitted as much to the post-dispatch's joe strauss:

"I caught it in time where it didn't lead to something worse," Marquis said. "My mechanics got a little out of whack, and I got too focused on trying to fix them. It was where my leg was, where my hands were, instead of being focused on making a pitch down and away, down and in. If you focus on the result, then everything else may take care of itself."

didn't seem as if jason was throwing that hard last night; the fox sports gun only had him topping out at 90 mph in the one inning i watched, 3-4 mph slower than last year. but he didn't walk a man, a noteworthy achievement.

gotta cut this post off here, as i'm back on a plane this morning. heading home and staying put for a while; that'll give me a chance to update the sadly neglected Perfect World box and do some other housekeeping on the site. thanks to all who have placed orders at the VEB online store; an excellent initial response, and helpful support for the site. game should be underway or close to it by the time i get back in front of a computer, so i better make this the game thread. enjoy the game folks.

suppan davis
0-1, 7.20 0-0, 4.91