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Game 8 Open Thread: April 12, 2006

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marquis bush
1-0, 3.38 1-0, 1.29

nl central ace starter watch:

ben sheets appears ready to pitch; he struck out 9 and walked 0 in his rehab start last night at triple a. in his absence the brewers have been going with four starters, taking advantage of open dates like yesterday to keep guys on full rest. if sheets is deemed good to go, he'll probably return to the rotation on sunday against the mets. the brewer pitchers have held opposing hitters to a .211 average in the early going, 2d best in the national league.

mark prior threw 30 pitches on the side at wrigley yesterday. it's being spun as progress, but he's still not ready to face live hitters in simulated situations, much less take the ball for a rehab assignment. kerry wood, though, may soon be rehab-ready; he tossed three simulated "innings" on monday.

mlbtraderumors' source in houston still thinks clemens is going to return to the astros next month. if he doesn't, the source says, the astros will trade for a starting pitcher.