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Game 7 Open Thread: April 10, 2006

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mulder okha
0-0, 3.86 0-0, 1.29

opening along with the new stadium today is the new Viva El Birdos online store. click right here, and you'll also find a link (and a schematic of a t-shirt) on the left-hand sidebar. shop early and often.

it always sucks to get swept by the cubs, but it'd suck worse to get swept by the brewers, who -- as long as prior / wood are on the shelf -- are a far stronger threat to challenge for the division in 2006. milwaukee will be getting a healthy ben sheets back in about a week -- he looked great in his first rehab start last thursday -- and they made a statement with a strong first week. you still can't call it a "big" series -- it's april 10, boys n girls -- but no doubt the brewers would like to set a tone and establish that they're ready to hang w the big, bad cardinals. it'd be nice if st louis can prevent that from happ'ing.

gonna keep up as well as i can -- i'm on the road yet again tomorrow, back home on thursday. then my sched finally settles down for a little while . . . .