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another dose from the needle

the cards lost 3-1 to los angeles this afternoon; jeff suppan gave up all three runs. is'hausen, brad thompson, blaine neal, jeff nelson, and josh hancock were scheduled to follow, and those who got into the game held the dodgers scoreless for 6 or 7 innings. the cardinals punished the dodger pitching staff to the tune of four hits . . . .

but who really cares. it's march, crysakes . . .

barry bonds used steroids? i would never have guessed. sports illustrated's got an excerpt from the upcoming book Game of Shadows --- which was not authored by jose canseco, by the way. a lot of screamin' and hollerin' is sure to ensue.

one of these ballplayers (not bonds) is gonna wise up some day and stop denying the obvious, which not only makes them look stupid and selfish but, worse yet, perpetuates the "controversy" surrounding steroids. all they have to say is: here's the truth. i used steroids. the management of my team knew about my habit and did nothing to discourage it; on the contrary they tacitly endorsed and encouarged my usage. ditto my union; ditto the league office; ditto the commissioner's office.

the big kerfuffle won't end until these guys stop trying to wish it away.

and please don't respond that whoever tells the truth will be going to jail. if they haven't gone after canseco --- an easy mark who is broke and already a convicted felon --- they're not going to go after a well-funded, well-defended star ballplayer. whoever tells the truth will be lauded for his guts, not hauled into court.