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weekend discussion: undifferentiated preseason chatter

apologies for this abbreviated post; work and travel have me pretty well tied up. there is interesting reading in the post-dispatch this morning, with tony and dave sounding pretty irked with braden looper:

After returning to Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Duncan broached the possibility of someone else temporarily sliding into the [setup] role if Looper needs more time to find consistency.

"Looper is important to our bullpen," Duncan said. "Can it be a good bullpen? Yes, if somebody else steps up if he isn't what we expect him to be right away.

if "somebody else" turns out to be adam wainwright, would that be a bad thing?

i do intend to do one last "preview" post, but it won't get up there until sunday night or monday. plenty of others to read in the meantime, including danup's and cardnilly's and matt leach's. at least one observer, fox sports' ken rosenthal, thinks chris carpenter will win a 2d consecutive cy young award -- and that pujols will repeat as the nl mvp. sports illustrated calls the cards a prohibitive favorite to repeat as divisional champs.

use this thread to post your own predictions, to spout off about the final cuts of the spring, to share the results of your fantasy drafts --- any and all. enjoy the weekend, see you right before the 1st pitch.