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scrambling for time

converging obligations are crashing my server (fig'tively speaking); just a quick n dirty collection of links this a.m. i'm thinking of doing a community projection for the weekend thread -- any requests?

the score bard has posted his offseason anagram wrap for the cardinals -- brilliant, lilting prose about snoopy sinned, barren poodle, kindest advice, and other cherished busch iii institutions. the bard really knows his cards, down to the likes of ice kid roger and barred nanny. there's even a nod to unjam a toe. the whole 40-man's there.

fittingly, bard ends his meditation with just rope ball. my only quibbles with his work -- and they're minor -- are these:

  • nary a word about the importance of tent colors
  • dns jedi mom strikes a false note (wouldn't dj's mod mien be more descriptive?)
  • team preview seems incomplete without an arty soul
this particular anagram wrap includes a bonus feature -- a rebus -- that, like so many of the bard's offerings, is way over my head. if anybody can decipher this and explain it to me, please comment below.

speaking of an arty soul, he had some interesting things to say about his former player, li'l zen-uzi ego, in yesterday's sun-times sports section.

tyler johnson, trying to elbow his way onto the roster spot, instead hurt his pitching elbow in the batting cage. . . . .

the hardball times' ben jacobs sums up the cubs' offseason moves like this: "If the Cubs platoon Jones, avoid playing Perez, keep Howry healthy and get optimal production from Pierre, this could actually end up being a good offseason. But that's a lot of ifs that have to go their way." jacobs ranks the cubs' roster rebuild as the 19th best in baseball (the cardinals' moves, you'll recall, were ranked 22nd); he likes what the brewers did this winter and places them 12th, the highest ranking of any nl central team.