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dellucci on market

whether or not you like encarnacion as a #2 hitter, there's reportedly a very good candidate for such duty -- solid on-base skills, plays the outfield, hits left-handed -- out on the trade market: the rangers want rid of david dellucci, who you may recall was the subject of this diary about a month ago. he's affordable -- only owed $950K this season -- and has played in two world series. here's his page at baseball reference. career obp is .345, and he can inflict "damage," as TLR now likes to put it.

guy's not an arlington stadium mirage, either -- ops was higher on the road last year (.927) than at home (.839). split was about even in 2004.

the cards were rumored to have some interest in him at last year's trade deadline. he is 32 years old, nothing more than a one-year solution -- or part-time, platoon solution. appears to me to be a big improvement over all the current candidates for the #2 slot in the order, and at a very reasonable cost -- hence worthy of consideration.

what say all of you? if you like him, who would you be willing to trade to get him?