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weekend update: graffanino on waivers

from this morning's boston globe:

Unable to find a suitable offer for Tony Graffanino, and uninterested in taking the financial hit to cut him or keep him, the Sox have placed the spare second baseman on waivers.

At least a few teams -- including the Mets, Cardinals, and Cubs -- are believed to be interested in Graffanino. But his 2006 cost ($2.05 million) and difficulties at the plate apparently convinced teams not to give up anything for him that sufficiently interested the Sox. In 12 spring games, he's hitting .182 (6 for 32) with 2 doubles and 2 RBIs.

if he clears waivers and is released, he's a free agent and can sign anywhere for any amount.

is graffanino an upgrade over the status quo --- and is it worth $500K to find out? tough call; i'd be inclined to say he's worth a look, but i have a feeling the mets and cubs want/need him more than st louis. the front office has said on multiple occasions they're not looking for a 2bman. i don't think he's coming here.

today's starter is spivey, batting 8th. as long as i'm here, here's the full lineup, followed by derrick goold's notes thereon:

eckstein ss
encarnacion rf
pujols 1b
rolen 3b
taguchi cf
duncan lf
molina c
spivey 2b
mulder p

It's clear that Encarnacion is going to get a test drive in the No. 2 spot for the time being, as that is where Tony La Russa would prefer to put him him. And, two, Duncan's start in left field should not go unnoticed. This is no pat on the back for a spring well played before he's ticketed for Triple-A. Larry Bigbie's injury has thrust Duncan into the competition.

happy sunday.