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taking the cake

updated from this morning's post: at my request, larry ply of the muny opera kindly looked up the 1969 dates for damn yankees and found that the show ran for one week only, july 28 through august 3. the cardinals had an open date on thursday, july 31 (which i overlooked this morning); that almost surely is the date of the show i and all my friends from the team saw together. a big thank you to larry for running down that information.

get up baby has launched a new org chart of the entire cardinal system, majors to minors -- a great idea and worthy of a separate sidebar link. since most of the minor-league assignments haven't been made yet, the chart has some holes at the moment, but it'll fill in soon and should be an excellent resource. way to go danup.

cardnilly's uniform-number countdown has reached #61; rick croushore, we hardly knew ye. . . . bellyitcher's got the janis thing going today vis-vis jason marquis; soundin' good. although "break another little piece of my heart" might also have applied to this particular player . . . . play a hard 9 eyes braden looper's charts . . . . the curmudgeon does a couple of funny separated at birth turns. . . . and matthew leach checks in with his latest mailbag, with updates on rick ankiel, mitchell page, yadi's new uniform number, and more. (thanks for the link, matt -- much appreciated.)

it's babe ruth's birthday! it's my birthday! no hard feelings, babe, but you're dead and i'm still here -- and that means one extra slice of cake for me . . . . .