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i don't know how/where the heck a fellah comes up with splits from rookie ball, but danup's got 'em -- and they show how colby rasmus blossomed down the stretch of his 60-game debut season. presumably he'll start 2006 in low a ball, quad cities -- anybody know for sure? -- but won't stay for long if he mashes the way he did late last august.

matthew leach thinks scott spiezio's versatility may land him a spot on the roster. he's a switch-hitter and plays multiple positions -- chiefly 1b and 3b, but he could surely catch a flyball in left field in a pinch -- and he has (or used to) some homerun power. being the son of former cardinal reserve ed spiezio doesn't hurt either. but here's the main thing this guy has going for him: until a couple of years ago, his most similar hitter was mike shannon.

but hey, this guy's only vying for the last spot on the bench; could be worse. spiezio's former team, the mariners, is taking a serious look at fernando vina as a starting 2bman. Lookout Landing bemoans the accursed seductiveness of vina's quick hands.

the diaspora made some inquiries re craig wilson's availability as a midseason (or sooner) pickup for the cards. early word from spring training is that he's healthy; also, though, that he's less likely to be moved than sean casey.

cardnilly guestblogger robb shares fond memories of greg mathews, circa 1987 and 2005.