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whiff upon a star

i did a little checking up on an item in friday's comments thread from thenerdhater: "Heard a rumor on the radio this morning that J-Rod's cockiness is gonna cost him a spot on the team. The veteran players have started calling him `Ned.'" i put out a couple of lines and got this response from a well-situated observer in jupiter:

JRod has a swagger to him, no doubt. And it is the target of sarcasm 'round the clubhouse. Adam Wainwright has worked up a spot-on imitation of the Rodriguez. But cost him a spot on the team? Doubtful. Guy can be as cocky as he wants, it's the production that gets him on the team. If he produces and does it with that swagger, he still produces. La Russa isn't out to humble guys; he's out to field a team.
what a platoon rodriguez and taguchi would make --right/left, humble/cocky, no-hit/no-field. indeed, it's probably the latter (poor glove) that poses the biggest threat to j-rod's status. that, combined with the presence of other lh bats (duncan, daubach, spezio), may make j-rod expendable. mlbtraderumors says the phillies want a left-handed-hitting outfielder to round out their bench -- but if they wanted j-rod, what would/could they offer in return? their roster looks overstocked with bad left-handed relief pitchers, but that type of transaction would merely undo the last deal philly made -- reserve outfielder jason michaels to cleveland for lhrp arthur rhodes -- and it wouldn't fill a need for the cardinals. so let me shoot down my own speculation; that doesn't look like a good fit.

ok, so let's try this one on: supposedly the nationals (needing to replace the injured brian lawrence) are keen on bronson arroyo and may offer outfielder ryan church and 1b nick johnson to acquire him. church might look good in a cardinal uni; turns 27 this year, plays the minimum and may be capable (in a good year) of delivering an .850 ops. and the cards have a surplus of pitchers -- but who can they offer? wainwright: not enough. reyes: way too much. marquis or suppan: pending free-agents, hence unattractive. ok, that's not too bloody likely either.

now here's a juicy one: some readers of tea leaves believe the marlins might have to deal miggy cabrera. quoting from the palm beach post:

With another strong season, All-Star Miguel Cabrera should be in for a seven-figure payday when he becomes eligible for salary arbitration next winter.

But will the third baseman be too expensive for the Marlins if the team retains its "market correction" strategy next year?

General Manager Larry Beinfest declined comment when the question was asked Saturday.

in the unlikely event he joins pujols in the lineup -- and a fine couple they'd make, no? -- the cost would be exorbitant. edmonds or rolen would have to leave to loosen up the payroll, and the marlins would probably ask for something on the order of reyes greene and rasmus in exchange. i can't really see that happening, can you? i guess you never say never, but for the time being that seems like yet another non-starter.

which makes three strikes; i'm out.