The "Why not Dellucci?" thread

According to the Dallas Morning News today, David Dellucci is a little feeling a little underappreciated by the Rangers: html

The Rangers traded for a top leadoff candidate this off-season.

David Dellucci believes they already had one.

Dellucci, splitting starts between left field and designated hitter, took Alfonso Soriano's spot as the leadoff hitter in late April last season, batting at the top of the order mainly against right-handers. Gary Matthews Jr. took his spot against most lefties.

"A leadoff hitter is supposed to get on base and score runs, and I did that," said Dellucci, who set career highs in most offensive categories, including two key ones for leadoff hitters - walks and runs. "Am I going to stand out? No. I'm not hitting the ball the farthest. I'm not the tallest, fastest and flashiest player out there. Maybe it's easy to overlook me."

Dellucci had a solid season as a leadoff hitter. But the Rangers wanted someone who gets on base more and has more experience in the top spot. That's why they traded for Brad Wilkerson, who probably will lead off this season.

So if the Rangers don't value him that highly why don't we go get him? Here were his numbers from last year:

OBP: .367
SLG: .513
EQA: .301
Bill James speed rating: 5.9 (slightly above the 5.0 average, Eckstein is a 5.4 and Edmonds is a 4.7)

Looks to be an average defender according to the BP fielding stats.

And oh yeah, he's left-handed.

What say you, Cardinal fans? Care to jump on the get Dellucci bandwagon?