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encarnacion projection results

only 38 responses to the call for encarnacion projections. here's what we came up with:

avg obp slg hr rbi r sb
VEB community .277 .333 .451 19 79 70 11
ZIPS .284 .342 .450 16 88 70 8
PECOTA .273 .329 .439 15 67 65 7
bill james .265 .323 .430 16 69 62 8
ron shandler .270 .321 .433 16 72 61 7

now that's interesting. here's the guy i figured would be the easiest to project of all our candidates so far, and we aren't particularly close to either ZIPS or PECOTA. right in between'm. ZIPS agrees with us re juancion's power production, and PECOTA concurs re his on-base ability. if anybody can post the bill james / ron shandler projections, i would sure be curious what those look like.

Update [2006-2-13 16:31:23 by lboros]: the bill james projections have been added to the chart; they not pretty. thanks to farley 503 for the info.

Update [2006-2-13 17:45:22 by lboros]: and thanks to acr for the ron shandler numbers --- nearly identical to james'.

i need some feedback from you re the community projection trope. first of all -- are we still digging this exercise, or is it time to give it a rest? i ask because the results post from the last projection (molina's) drew 0 comments, and the current projection drew the fewest reponses of any. i'm happy to keep doing it as long as we have enough interested parties, but if it's getting old, i won't keep inflicting this on the blogiverse. 2d question: if we are still digging it and want to keep doing it, then who do you wanna project next?

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