Looper a starter?!

It's possible....

TLR revealed that going into spring training that Wainright, Looper, Thompson, and even Kinney were going to be tried as starting pitchers to see how they would fair. Looper was approached about this by Duncan before everyone went their seperate ways after the World Series festivities were over. So this seems as more of an emergency like backup plan  rather than throwing in the towel on FA SP's.
update: According to Bernie, "La Russa is serious about using Looper as a starter; he's even talked to Looper and his agents about this and they're good with the idea. "
Sidenote: "Schmidt: down to Cardinals, Dodgers, Cubs and to a lesser extent, Mariners. Strauss talked to his agent.... thinks that he will accept a 3-yr deal... Strauss thinks they have an excellent chance to get him... unless they really lowball on the offer. Thinks Schmdit will make a decision by end of the week. "