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cards hot after batista

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per ken rosenthal, who is the gold standard of rumor-mongering these days (ie, he's usually accurate), the cards and royals are duking it out over miguel batista. and not for cheap --- royals have offered 3 yrs / $24m.

i like batista, but maybe not at those prices . . . . although, i guess those prices are now cheap; "$5 million" means "$8 million" in today's parlance. anyway, here's an old post with some thoughts on batista. he would make some sense --- durable, reliably league average pitcher. and there might be enough left over yet to make a play for one more pitcher.

hat tip to MLB Trade Rumors.

Update [2006-12-5 16:5:58 by lboros]: to clarify something that came up in the thread below (and which i got wrong) --- batista is a Type B free agent.