Baseball Prospectus' Cards System Evaluation...

Over at BaseballProspectus, Kevin Goldstien has his top ten Cardinal prospect list up.  Really, very few suprises...

Excellent Prospects
Very Good Prospects
1. Colby Rasmus, cf
Good Prospects

  1. Jaime Garcia, lhp
  2. Adam Ottavino, rhp
  3. Bryan Anderson, c
  4. Daryl Jones, of
Average Prospects
  1. Chris Perez, rhp
  2. Blake Hawksworth, rhp
  3. Mark McCormick, rhp
  4. Cody Haerther, of
  5. Tyler Greene, ss
The commentary is behind the subscription wall.  My few thoughts are that I'm suprised to see Chris Perez ranked after Daryl Jones, but the difference between being ranked five versus six is so slight I'm willing to live with it.

In comparision, John Sickels' pre-season top ten looked like this (Avaiable at

  1. Reyes  B+
  2. Rasmus B+
  3. Haether B+
  4. Greene B-
  5. Wain. B-
  6. McCormick B-
  7. Stainhova B-
  8. Anderson B-
  9. Hanson C+
  10. Lambert C+
  Many guys from this year's draft already jumping into the top ten.  Seems to me that is an indication of two things: 1) First, how lousy our farm system was before this year and 2) The fact we drafted a lot of college talent that is farther along in development.  That makes sense when you are trying to re-stock the system, but the Cards need to move away from that in a couple years and draft more high ceiling/high risk guys.

  To me, it seems like quite a few of our prospects are at make it or break periods.  Our attention should be focused on the Palm Beach Cardinals as Ottavino, Greene, Colby, McCormick and the unlisted John Jay and Mark Hamilton will all probably start the season there.  Greene, Stanhovia, Haether, and Lambert all face proving periods where they have to figure it out or risk getting left behind the system.  Greene struggled at High A so much last year that he was demoted back to Low A, where he put things back together. Haether was injured half the year at Springfield, which, combined with his lack of power, could spell the end for any hope of his being a regular corner outfielder.  

A couple of guys go unlisted on both lists: John Jay, Mark Hamilton, Amaury Marti (the secret Cuban) and Dennis Dove, who we assigned to the AFL for extra work and performed respectably in a very hitter friendly league.  Sickels should post his Cardinal top twenty some time after the new year.  I'll let everyone know when he does as he takes questions on the rankings.  

Incidentally, today Sickels issued his ratings on the A's and gave Barton a B.