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new advertising

you will have noticed there's a new banner ad at the top of Viva El Birdos . . . .

it's a new feature across the SB Nation network; outside my control. the tech/design folks are working to get these adds integrated a little more seamlessly into our blogs; they are just a little in-your-face at the moment. thanks for your patience while they work out the kinks.

Update [2006-11-8 8:42:19 by lboros]: to elaborate a little further: the ads are necessary to pay SB Nation's bills. it takes a ton of server space to keep this place running; there are hardware costs, and hosting fees, and the wages of a couple of system administrators to pay. those costs don't come out of my pocket; they're paid by the guys who created and own SB Nation. and those guys are entitled to recoup their costs.

the ads are a means to that end.