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pencils ready

here's the promised quiz about notable off-season additions to the cardinal organization. the term "free agent" applies only to players who are new to the organization, as opposed to cardinal players who gained free agency but re-signed with the club (viz., mark mcgwire). answers to come on monday or tuesday; good luck.

  1. only two st louis free-agent signees have made the all-star team in their 1st year as a cardinal. only 1 started the game. name both players, and the one who started the game.
  2. during the years they played in busch stadium II (1966-2005), only two players the cardinals acquired via trade started the all-star game in their 1st year with st louis. name them.
  3. name all the pitchers the cardinals have signed during the free-agent era (1976-2006) who made 30 starts in their first year as a cardinal.
  4. which cardinal free-agent signee holds the record for rbis in his first year with the club?
  5. since world war II, he holds the cardinal record for wins by a newly acquired pitcher (either via trade or free agency) in his first season with the organization.
  6. one of key members of the 1964 cardinals was acquired as a free agent --- a three-time all-star, he'd been released by his former team at the age of 30. name him.
  7. name the first free agent the cardinals signed during the free-agent era.
  8. name the first african-american player the cardinals ever acquired in a trade.
  9. what player did the cardinals have to trade for twice in a single off-season (within a span of about 6 weeks), and what were the circumstances?
  10. during calendar year 1973, bing devine included a certain player in four separate trades --- acquired him, dealt him away, re-acquired him, and dealt him away again. name this player.