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thanksgiving day open thread

happy thanksgiving, ev'yone. that two-day old post is getting kinda stale, so here's a fresh thread. a few things i'm feeling grateful for on this day:

  • pujols
  • john smoltz
  • carp
  • kinney and tyjo
  • pujols
  • edmonds' "game-ball" awards
  • spiezio's patch
  • so
  • pujols
  • suppan's poise
  • yadi
  • wainwright's curve
  • reyes' socks
  • cortisone
  • weaver's equilibrium
  • pujols
  • not having to face that cheating detroit pitcher a second time
  • not having to complain about gary matthews jr's contract for the next five years
  • those two maddening, stubborn, wise old buzzards in the dugout, la russa and duncan
  • 2007
enjoy the turkey, ev'ybody. holiday quiz up tomorrow.