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edmonds re-ups

it's official; he's signed through 2008. financial terms not disclosed.

Update [2006-11-10 18:15:43 by lboros]: here are some financial details, courtesy the post-dispatch:

The extension represents a compromise of sorts. The club held a $10 million option on Edmonds for next season, or it could have exercised a $3 million buyout. The agreement includes an average annual value below $10 million with ?significant? money deferred, according to a source familiar with negotiations.
sounds like the proverbial "win-win" . . . . .[end update]

the cardinals centerfield position is one of the most stable in baseball. in the last 25 years, they've pretty much had three starters at the position: edmonds, lankford, and mcgee. here's a two-year-old post from my proto-Viva blog about long-running positional stability within franchises. 3 guys in 25 years is pretty good.