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NLDS Game 2 Open Thread: October 5, 2006

weaver wells
5-4, 5.18 1-2, 3.49

great news --- i finally found out how to expand the comment carrying capacity for gameday threads. i souped us up for 600 per thread today, so we won't have to keep hopping from one thread to the next. yeee haw.

bruce bochy has read his stat sheets: 7 of the padres' 8 position players today hit left-handed, all but cameron. here are the lineups:

eckstein ss roberts lf
wilson lf giles rf
pujols 1b walker 2b
rolen 3b gonzalez 1b
encarnacion rf bard c
edmonds cf cameron cf
belliard 2b branyan 3b
molina c blum ss
weaver p wells p

since weaver's pitching today, i might as well mention that the guy he was traded for, terry evans, was listed #12 on baseball america's list of the top 20 prospects for the florida state league. of greater note, colby rasmus ranked 6th on that list, jaime garcia 15th. (conspicuously absent: blake hawksworth.) evans spent the second half the year in the double-a texas league, which list will come out next tuesday; i doubt he'll be on that one, but we'll see.

no matter how the weave pitches today, i don't regret that trade -- jocketty had little choice but to do it. if he can get a few left-handers out today and survive for 5 innings, maybe he'll bring a few of the doubters around.