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world championship open thread

like hell i'm writing a blog post today. got nothing to say, anyway; just feeling happy. i'll be back monday with something or other on my mind, but now? no words necessary.

but if'n you want to soak it all in with some readings, here's some of what i've been reading with my coffee this morning:

  • ken rosenthal on la russa's legacy: "For once, La Russa's team entered the postseason with minimal expectations -- barely even qualified, in fact. La Russa's approach had been more relaxed all season, but the underdog role liberated him both strategically and emotionally. Forever intense, La Russa actually smiled and cracked jokes during his interview sessions. Not once, but several times."
  • cnnsi's nate silver says the cards were better than their numbers: "I don't think the 2006 Cardinals were a 100-win team, by any means. But they were probably a 90-win team, a 92-win team, at least based on the roster they fielded during the playoffs. Plenty of teams with 90-win talent have won the World Series."
  • baseball prospectus' joe sheehan on the cardinals' bullpen: "It's fair to wonder what would have happened had Jason Isringhausen been healthy enough to continue pitching. Isringhausen would have remained the closer, and perhaps a critical game or two would have been lost along the way. Isringhausen's injury allowed--or forced, if you prefer--Tony La Russa to put the later innings into the hands of inexperienced pitchers. Extrapolate for yourself the importance of a veteran closer versus just having guys who can pitch.
  • here's how danup live blogged the final out last night: "It's been a bad year. It's been a good year. It's been a year." and then, a few hours later, musing about the manager: "Tony La Russa should probably go into the Hall as a Cardinal now; he's 977-803 with two pennants and a World Series Championship with the Redbirds, and 798-673 with three pennants and a championship with the Athletics.
  • bill ferrell of detroit tigers weblog has a simple message of congratulations: "The Cardinals went out and outplayed the Tigers. St. Louis is a great, historic organization with a tremendous fan base. Enjoy the next year as defending World Champions. You earned it." likewise, from mark at bless you boys: "congratulations to the Cardinals organization for their tremendous playoff run and resulting World Championship. They faced a lot of doubters near the end of the regular season, persevered and did what was required to take the ultimate prize."
  • mitch albom in the free press salutes the cards: "St. Louis won because it delivered good, steady play. These were two terrific teams, but only the Cardinals played terrifically."