Re-sign Suppan?

I am shocked that people are thinking of resigning Suppan at 4/40 or even 3/30.  Yes the market is out of whack but good lord they offered Burnett 4/40 and everyone was clamoring how it was too much.  And Burnett has better upside and stuff.  

PECOTA rates him as worth 12million total over the next 5 years.  Regardless of how well he has pitched down the strech and in the post-season, I haven't seen anything about what he is doing different to get these results.  That leads me to believe that he has been very lucky and will most likely regress to his career numbers:
ERA - 4.60
WHIP - 1.42
BAA - .278

If Suppan wants anything over 21 million for 3 years I think you have to let him walk.  He is not worth more money than Carpenter is making.  If this organization is willing to go 4/40 on Suppan,
 then 4/52 should be well within their reach for Schmidt.  After that just stick rookies in the back end of the rotation.