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World Series Game 3 Open Thread: October 24, 2006

carpenter robertson
15-8, 3.09 13-13, 3.84

Update [2006-10-24 21:37:56 by lboros]: my apologies for the server problems; they are occurring network-wide across SB Nation

Update [2006-10-24 18:54:37 by lboros]: just so y'all know: that damn "detroit destiny" ad ain't my fault. i e-mailed google and asked them to take it down . . . . yeah right. but i asked.

tonight's starting lineups:

granderson cf eckstein ss
monroe lf wilson lf
polanco 2b pujols 1b
ordonez rf rolen 3b
guillen ss belliard 2b
rodriguez c edmonds cf
casey 1b molina c
inge 3b taguchi rf
robertson p carpenter p

anybody understand that lineup for st louis? if you do . . . . don't tell anybody. the men in white coats'd be liable to lock you up . . .

an enterprising poster at bernie's pressbox looked up carpenter's numbers when pitching on 5 days' rest in 2006. i checked his math and came up with slightly different numbers -- only found 6 such starts, rather than 7; no big deal. here's the line i came up with:

ip h bb so w-l era
46.2 24 5 31 4-1 0.96

29 baserunners in 47 innings??? that's, like, not bad. carp started to get some life back in his breaking ball the last couple innings of nlcs game 6; that, plus the extra day of rest, plus the stat line above . . . . let's hope that form holds. oh, and that we score a few runs off this left-hander. don't forget, the tigers had a devastating offense away from comerica in 2006, leading the majors in road slugging percentage (see bottom paragraph at the link). so game 3 pits our strength vs their strength. pivotal game.

a peek ahead: don't be surprised if encarnacion sits again tomorrow night. game 4 starter jeremy bonderman has a big ol' platoon split: lefties hit .284 and slugged .472 off him this year, vs the .235 / .341 right-handed batters put up. that's a career-long split for bonderman; has held true every season. so we might -- make that should -- see duncan in right and speeze or j-rod in left tomorrow night.