the pinetar incident --- overflow thread

i found it very interesting that fox picked up on that so quickly, i believe it was after the top of the first that they showed the closeup of the hand, either they were right on the ball during the game OR they had picked up on it from earlier in the postseason

also something else worth considering if pine tar usage is as widespread as some people seem to believe it is, then maybe tony didn't make a bigger stink about the incident because of the fact that leyland worked for the cards the last few years, and he would probably be in a pretty decent situation to know who used tar on the cards, i know that leyland only spent significant time with the team during spring training, and while the team was on the east coast, but he's a sharp guy and it probably wouldn't be that difficult for him to figure out who was cutting corners so maybe tony didn't want to risk leyland pulling the same thing on the cardinals, if he were to throw a fit and get rogers kicked out