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NLCS Game 6 overflow + postgame

cardinals not getting good wood on the ball at all . . . . how bad does that fizzle in the 1st inning look now?

they still have 6 outs, and 1 more trip through the heart of the order. mets 2-0, bottom 7th. . .

Update [2006-10-18 23:46:16 by lboros]: 4-2 new york; it comes down to game 7. not much to cheer about until the 9th, when the cardinals finally got untracked; might bode well for tomorrow. let's hope so.

a few people in the game thread somehow got the idea that the pitchout called in the 7th inning cost the cardinals the game; interesting theory. when a manager calls a pitchout, and the runner is going, and he's out by 5 steps, that's generally a good call by the manager. and it's what should have happened --- except molina threw the ball into centerfield. nothing at all wrong with the call --- perfect anticipation by la russa. the fault lay with the execution . . . .

it's further suggested that the focus on the baserunner led directly to the subsequent scratch single by reyes --- again, not very logical. looper made a good pitch and got reyes to hit a groundball, which didn't even get out of the infield and didn't drive in a run.

but hey, if it makes you feel better to believe that the pitchout caused reyes' infield hit and the subsequent two-run single by lo duca, by all means be my guest . . . .

all in all, a discouraging game --- and even more discouraging game thread, one of the worst ever on this board. we can't control how the team plays tomorrow; we can control the degree of maturity and perspective and balance we exhibit on this forum.

those qualities were not in great supply this evening.