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NLCS Game 5 Open Thread: October 17, 2006

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weaver             glavine
5-4, 5.18        15-7, 3.82

i read this article about edmonds yesterday and had been saving the link for this evening's thread, but many of you have already read the piece by now. i was saving it because jimmy might be playing his last home game as a st louis cardinal tonight. obviously we all hope it works out differently, but the chance is there.

that means the folks in the seats have some work to do. edmonds must get a standing O during the introductions tonight -- they should have to halt the proceedings for 10 seconds or so -- and another one when he bats late in the game (ie, anytime from the 7th inning on), no matter the score or situation. this isn't a "best fans in baseball" thing; even the league's worst fan base could rouse itself at the appropriate time(s) to give edmonds the appreciation he deserves. in the 6th inning of game 4 he very neatly summarized his st louis career -- long running catch to the deepest part of the park in the top half, long home run to about the same spot in the bottom half. the guy's still got beautiful game; a few shreds of it, at the very least.

but we can't say for sure if we'll ever see it again after tonight, so better say goodbye just in case. if the cardinals go on to win this series, then we'll just give edmonds another fare-the-well showering of love in game 5 of the world series next week. and if the cards surprise us all and pick up his option? then we'll repeat the entire exercise in the 2007 world series . . . .

preston wilson was slotted in at #2 on last night's lineup card and likely will be there again tonight. he's got a .307 on-base pct this season and a three-year sample of .316; not the type of on-base skills you want right in front of el hombre. ronnie belliard is somewhat better than wilson in both the 1-year and 3-year time frames (.322 and .332, respectively); his career obp vs left-handers (.369) is 45 points higher than preston's (.324), and he's got a career regular-season average of .417 vs glavine (5 for 12) while wilson has hit just .205 (9 for 44) with a .295 slugging average. . . . . so by the percentages, belliard looks like a better candidate for the #2 slot tonight. the discussion's academic, as wilson will almost surely be hitting 2d tonight, percentages be damned; preston did manage a hit in 3 trips vs glavine in game 1.

maybe he'll launch one tonight.

our sunday blogger, The Rev, just can't shake the blogging bug; he's back at it in case you didn't know, posting at Go Crazy Folks. that famous jack buck line, as all you old fogeys all remember, came at the climax of a pivotal nlcs game 5 lo these 21 years ago -- not quite to the day, but close. now that i think of it, the game that fell exactly 21 years after the Go Crazy game was . . . the taguchi game on saturday night. and it was 19 years to the day after this series clincher, in which jose oquendo clouted a 3-run shot.

october 14 just belongs to the little guys, i guess. and october 17? may the shaggy-haired scarecrow on the mound lay claim to it. . . . .

Update [2006-10-17 18:29:56 by lboros]: sure enough, wilson's in the #2 hole. lineups:

reyes ss eckstein ss
lo duca c wilson lf
beltran cf pujols 1b
delgado 1b encarnacion rf
wright 3b rolen 3b
green rf edmonds cf
valentin 2b belliard 2b
chavez lf molina c
glavine p weaver p