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NLCS Game 4 overflow + postgame

very strange start by reyes; he was ahead 0-2 or 1-2 against 7 of the first 11 hitters in this game, but went to 3 balls on 5 of them . . . . could it be something as simple as shaking off rust? kid has only thrown to 6 batters in the last 3 weeks.

whatever. not a good start, not a disastrous one. wise move by la russa to take him out.

Update [2006-10-15 21:51:29 by lboros]: or not . . . . [end update]

2-2, top of the 5th.

Update [2006-10-15 23:52:48 by lboros]: mets even the series, 2 up. both teams have won a game via shutout and one vs the opposing team's bullpen . . . . pretty even series. cards are not badly positioned despite the loss; only two wins away from the world series, with carp and suppan still to pitch.

i'll take my chances with that. . . .