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NLCS Game 4 Open Thread: October 15, 2006

reyes perez
5-8, 5.06 3-13, 6.55

As lboros noted earlier today, Oliver Perez has the worst season ERA of any starting pitcher to ever throw in the postseason. And while I'd like to get excited about how wild and completely bad Perez can be, there's a part of me that's nervous about this game. It was just September 6th when Perez threw a complete game shutout against the Braves, allowing only 6 baserunners the entire game. Granted, it was a game 2 of a doubleheader, and the Braves lineup that day was slightly watered down, but it still was a well pitched game. And it was only a couple of seasons ago Perez struck out 239 batters in 196 innings.. Combine that with the struggles this lineup has had against left handed pitching this season, and as Dikembe Mutombo once eloquently put it, "this isn't going to be a walk in the cake".

On the other side there is Anthony Reyes who's well rested and should be ready to show the world what he's made of. The flat hat and high socks are going primetime. But the things that make me nervous is how Reyes has been homer prone, and with the lineup he's facing things could get ugly quick. You just can just see this game going in about a thousand and one directions, so I'll shut up now and just let it unfold.