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NLCS Game 3 Open Thread: October 14, 2006

suppan trachsel
12-7, 4.12 15-8, 4.97

lot of back n forth in this morning's thread about the tone of the game posts. a number of people got very bitter and depressed when the cards fell behind early last night, to the point that it drove some other people off of the site. i hate to hear that my site's atmosphere became so poisonous that people had to leave; yet at the same time, i don't want it to become a pollyanna site either, where it's unsafe to criticize the cardinals at all. as most of you know, i can be as negative as any nattering nabob out there. i also understand that emotions run high this time of year and that we all want the team to win sooo bad. so i'm not asking people to stuff their emotions -- that's neither realistic nor healthy, and it would take much of the fun out of the experience of coming here.

it's a blurry line; there needs to be balance and perspective. how do we achieve that?

i'd have you all start by reading this comment by salvomania, which appeared during the early stages of the cardinals' 7-game losing streak in late september. i couldn't say it any better myself, so i'll just let you read those words.

moving forward, for what might be -- we all hope so -- another two weeks of intense playoff baseball, here are a few things i'd ask people to consider before going over-the-top negative on the cardinals during a game thread:

  • can i back up my criticisms with some evidence and a line of reasoning? scott rolen's struggles this october have led a few people to post that rolen is a complete choker with a longstanding history of disappearing in the playoffs. that is factually untrue and easily disproven. don't post sh*t that's coming straight out of your ass; but if you can back it up, bombs away.
  • does my post attempt to explain why a given player (or the whole team) sucks? we have all gotten aggravated watching rolen pop out 36 times in a row. if you can advance any theory (or even just pose the question) as to why he keeps popping up, or what the team should do about it, it invites a response and a discussion. posting "rolen --- DFA that piece of junk" adds nothing.
  • does my post convey a sense of humor? making fun of a player's (or the team's) struggles with humor -- even barbed, angry humor -- can be entertaining. it helps our collective blood pressure drop; it also demonstrates a healthy and mature sense of perspective.
  • what is my true motive in posting? am i attempting to connect with other cardinal fans, or am i doing the cyber equivalent of throwing bricks through my tv screen? if the latter -- put the brick down, or throw it somewhere else.
  • would i be willing to say this in front of strangers who were physically present in the room with me, and could respond to my face? if the answer is "no," don't put up the post.
if other people have considerations they'd like to add to this list, please put 'em below. the goal here is for the game threads to enhance the experience of watching the playoffs, not detract from it.

i suppose the other solution to this little matter would be for the cards to go 7-0 from here on out. come on supps, get us started . . . . . . . .