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NLCS Game 2 overflow + postgame

6-6 heading into the bottom of the 7th. lotta spirit on display tonight; good to see pujols get that monkey off his back and get a hit. maybe he'll relax now . . . .

let's get outta here with a win.

Update [2006-10-14 0:17:48 by lboros]: stl ties the series, 1-1; settle in folks, it's gonna be a long series. scott spiezio and taguchi are the heroes, but is it a mere coincidence that the cardinal bats came alive after albert pujols finally got a hit? i don't want to oversell this idea -- i don't want to give albert credit for the achievements of his teammates -- but when he struggles, the entire team looks lost. albert took a tough at-bat against mota, finally got himself a base hit; thereafter the cardinals started banging the ball all over the yard.

that was fun.