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NLCS Game 1 overflow

folks, this is playoff baseball. . . . great ballgame. 2-0 mets, let's get'm back.

Update [2006-10-12 23:32:33 by lboros]: game over; cards lose the opener 2-0. tom glavine did what he has done throughout his career in the nlcs, and the cardinals did what they've done throughout this season vs left-handers --- ie, failed to hit them.

i was disappointed to see the tone of the game chat get so boo-hooey when the cards fell behind. i disagree with the many posts about the cardinals "lying down"; i thought the cardinals made better contact than the mets tonight, who aside from the two extra-base hits didn't have a single hard-hit ball. their supposedly unstoppable offense got stymied by a guy with a 5.76 era; not a good start for them. the cardinals, on the other hand, will now get to face the underbelly of the met rotation for 3 games. it's not quite time to give up.

ultimately, the mets' mvp candidate and their best pitcher won the game for them; tip your cap and move on to game 2. the cardinals have carp on the hill tomorrow, and they're facing a right-handed pitcher; sets up much better for them.

if they lose tomorrow night, i'll be worried. this loss doesn't bother me.